Workers’ Comp & Urgent Care

Workplace Injury Care and Management

Occupational health nurse treating a workplace injury

Companies reduce Workers’ Comp spending by as much as 70% and reduce lost time by 60%.¹

With our workers' comp programs, companies can manage exposures, monitor individuals’ health and wellness, reduce lost time, case duration, and absenteeism, reduce modified or restricted duty and reduce overall workers’ comp costs while increasing productivity and improving employee health and satisfaction, and morale.

When it comes to Workers’ Comp, one of the biggest issues is the general lack of understanding among injured workers of how the claims process works. Reduce the number of Workers’ Comp claims with proactive risk prevention programs and if an incident does occur, help employees navigate the process so there is no need to seek external help.

Get care where it's most convenient.


Health clinic on site at a client's location, tailored to a client's specific needs.


Concierge-style occupational health centers located near the client's location.

Mobile Medical

For short term programs, state-of-the-art vans or pop-up clinics at the client's location.


Virtual healthcare conducted remotely via smartphones, computers or tablets.

Customize a program for your employees.

  • Workers' Comp Care Management

    Workers' compensation care management services refer to the coordination and monitoring of medical treatment and rehabilitation services for employees who have suffered a workplace injury or illness.

  • Injury Triage

    With OnSite healthcare services, we can provide an immediate assessment to workers who need it.

  • Primary and Urgent Care

    By choosing our primary care services, your employees can establish a lasting relationship with a reliable healthcare team.

  • Injury Treatment & Management

    We work with healthcare providers and employers to create a plan that meets injured workers' needs and helps them recover quickly and safely.

  • Workers' Comp Paperwork

    Our occupational medicine provider will help you manage the workers’ comp process, facilitating communication between all involved parties and other stakeholders to resolve the case quickly and efficiently.

Why choose Work Health Solutions?

With a passion for reducing employer costs through proactive healthcare, Work Health Solutions offers a different perspective on occupational health. We build customized programs to fit your needs and work with you to find top talent and resources to manage those programs.

Don't miss out on the benefits of our all-in-one occupational health solution; contact us today to learn how our 115+ services, and flexible program implementation options can support your business.

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