There's no cookie cutter approach to occupational health & wellness.

Dr. Letitia Heshmat – Founder & President, Work Health Solutions

Redefining Occupational Health

At Work Health Solutions, we’re redefining the occupational health space to deliver better programs and care for all.

We create proactive, customized solutions to keep workspaces healthy, safe and productive, so employees can thrive and reach their full potential.

Why Work Health Solutions?

Our clients don’t merely choose an out-of-the-box health plan. Instead, they work directly with our team to design unique programs for their businesses.

It’s through this approach that we ensure each client receives the best possible health care solution, ultimately saving costs while improving the health and well being of their workforce.

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Dr. Letitia Heshmat


Scott Strickland

Chief Operations Officer

Dean Frieders

Chief Solutions Officer

Kat Decina

Chief Growth Officer

Brendan Gecik

Chief Performance Officer

Erin Davis

Chief Clinical Officer

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We've helped numerous companies streamline their occupational health needs

Clients found that 95% of cases requiring symptom intervention did not result in recordable injuries

Find out how Work Health Solutions was able to help a client achieve a 30% reduction in recordable injuries and a reduction in cases needing symptom intervention after one year by focusing on on-site, hands-on therapeutic care, wellness training and coaching, ergonomic working practices, and early injury interventions.

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