What is occupational health spirometry testing?

Around 26 million Americans suffer from a pulmonary disease. These diseases impact individuals and make it difficult to perform common tasks, including their daily job. Unfortunately, many of those suffering go aren’t diagnosed, and potentially don’t even know why they keep struggling. This has led to the use of occupational health spirometry testing, which helps diagnose those suffering from pulmonary issues and create a safe work environment for them and the workers around them. Here’s what you need to know. 

What Is Spirometry?

Spirometry is a common pulmonary test typically performed by those suffering from asthma and other lung conditions. It measures lung function by recording how hard someone can exhale, as well as the speed at which they can inhale or exhale. Spirometry data taken over time help a clinician diagnose lung problems.

What Is Occupational Health?

Occupational health is an aspect of healthcare that’s focused primarily on the improvement of employee health, although it can also focus on aspects such as creating a safer workplace environment or developing a culture that lends itself to safety.

What Is Occupational Health Spirometry Testing? 

Occupational health spirometry focuses on helping workers and employees identify whether or not their pulmonary issues require medical attention. Some companies have even mandated spirometry testing due to compliance and exposure to the employees.

That being said, many view spirometry as a difficult and frustrating experience. Both those who conduct the tests, as well as employees who receive the test, have found difficulties involved in the process. 

As technology and methods have evolved, many companies are using a non-invasive and extremely effective method of determining lung capacity and force of breath among their employees. Old technology including out-of-date spirometers, the need for recalibration, and having to be careful with older and more fragile devices have all added to the difficulty of regular spirometry testing in the workplace. 

To make matters worse, there are certain industries that are far more at risk of developing or worsening pulmonary issues. Warehouses, construction sites, and other dirty work environments can cause triggers or issues for those suffering from asthma or some other pulmonary issue.

To help combat this risk, many businesses are turning to telehealth medicine, or medical clinics with a mobile component. Rather than implementing these tests themselves, companies are hiring professional medical experts to go to the worksite and conduct these important tests to help verify and ensure proper health for employees. 

We Can Help!

Work Health Solutions has made it their mission to help provide necessary healthcare for those who need it, especially in the working environment. We understand the difficulty of taking care of employees in the workplace, and if you’re planning to conduct occupational health spirometry testing, contact us today to help get it done efficiently. 

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