Travel Medicine

For many businesses around the globe, travel over the past year and a half has been pretty limited due to pandemic constraints. However, with more state and international governments loosening travel restrictions in the near future, we wanted to emphasize the importance of Travel Medicine to keep your traveling workforce safe.

Our travel medicine program focuses on the prevention and management of health challenges for international travel. Whether it’s a destination review, vaccines, preventative medications, or travel health and wellness, we have the services you need to protect your employees and executives when they travel internationally.

During your travel medicine visit, your provider may discuss several topics designed to protect you from injury or illness during your travels, including:

  • Vaccinations recommended for your specific travel destination(s)
  • Preventative medications, such as anti-malaria medication, recommended for specific travel destinations
  • Tips on how to prevent other mosquito/insect-born diseases
  • Injury/illness prevention recommendations based on the location or type of activities you will be doing while traveling, including traveling at high altitudes, in rural areas, freshwater or ocean swimming, eat and water safety, etc
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