Thermographic Scanning

What is thermography?

Thermography uses infrared technology and cameras to portray the body’s surface temperature. An abnormal body temperature can indicate abnormalities in wellness long before a person may realize they are ill, which is why thermography can play an important part in COVID monitoring programs.

Is thermal imaging harmful?

Thermal imaging provides a safe way to measure body heat using a non-invasive, no-contact, passive system.  

Temperature Monitoring Programs

Start to finish professional consultation on best practices for setting up your companies customized monitoring program.

We offer two options to best meet your company’s needs.


Fully-Managed Monitoring Programs

Company-Led Temperature Monitoring Stations

man taking another man's temperature

How much do thermographic cameras cost?

As more businesses look to streamline and cut costs on mandatory temperature screening requirements, thermography scanning has emerged as the most efficient way to accomplish this. There is a sea of technology to navigate, leaving a mixed bag of reliability and accuracy, so we’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Prices starting at $2500/unit.

How accurate is thermal imaging?

Our thermographic cameras have a 0.1-second temperature read time with 0.5-degree accuracy. You can also get access to cloud software metrics and reporting.

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