Prioritize Your Employees' Health and Safety in Agriculture

Agricultural settings, including farms, orchards, and nurseries, present unique occupational health and safety concerns. Risks such as heavy machinery, pesticide exposure, and extreme weather conditions are inherent to the job. To protect your employees and meet industry standards, partnering with a knowledgeable occupational health and safety service provider is vital.

Benefits of Our Occupational Health Programs

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Navigating the maze of agricultural occupational health and safety regulations can be complex. Our team of experts ensures that your operations are in full compliance, giving you peace of mind and minimizing the risk of penalties or legal repercussions.

  • Customized Solutions for Your Agricultural Setting

    Every agricultural workplace is unique, with distinct challenges and needs. We work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that address the specific risks and requirements of your agricultural setting.

  • Responsive Support and Expert Guidance

    In the fast-paced agricultural industry, prompt support and expert guidance are critical. Our dedicated team is always on hand to provide advice, support, and expertise in occupational health and safety.

For Your Customized Program and Pricing

Our Offerings

Immediate On-Site Medical Attention

Our on-site clinics offer immediate medical care directly to your farms and agricultural settings. with essential medical equipment, our clinics provide immediate treatment for injuries and minor illnesses. We minimize external referrals and workers' compensation claims by addressing medical needs on-site.

Mobile Medical Services

We provide mobile medical services tailored for agricultural operations requiring flexibility and adaptability. deliver essential medical services, including drug and alcohol testing, functional capacity exams, hearing and basic vision testing, and pulmonary function testing. 

Convenient Near-Site Clinics

Experience immediate medical treatment near your agricultural settings with our near-site clinics. provide immediate treatment for injuries and minor illnesses. 

Virtual Programs

Through our virtual offerings, your employees can engage in health services, training sessions, and wellness programs no matter where they are located. our virtual programs, employees can participate in informative webinars, interactive training sessions, and wellness programs from the comfort of their workstations or homes.

Range of Agricultural Medical Services

Safety Team Support

Prevent injuries, reduce costs, and establish a culture of safety.

  • Proactive Injury Prevention
  • Cost Reduction
  • Safety Culture Advocacy

  • Emergency Services - First Response

    Immediate, on-site medical attention enhances worker safety and minimizes project delays.

  • Immediate, On-site Medical Attention
  • Enhanced Worker Safety
  • Minimized Project Delays

  • Employee Health Services

    We offer comprehensive health programs tailored to the unique needs of the agricultural sector. 

  • Customized Health Programs
  • Promotion of Worker Wellbeing
  • Safer, More Efficient Work Environment

  • Health and Safety Plan Administration

    Streamlined safety protocols and effective management of safety plans.

  • Streamlined Safety Protocols
  • Compliance and Risk Reduction
  • Effective Safety Plan Management

  • I’d strongly recommend Work Health Solutions to anyone looking for a strong partnership with occupational health professionals that are dependable, supportive, and adaptive to the needs of the business needs of the client.

    Enhance Workforce Stability

    Our occupational health services help address the challenge of high turnover in the workforce by promoting a healthier and safer work environment. By prioritizing employee well-being and providing comprehensive health support, we contribute to increased job satisfaction and improved retention rates.

    Address Underlying Medical Conditions

    Our experienced team understands the importance of managing underlying medical conditions in the workplace. By offering specialized medical services, we help identify and address health issues proactively, minimizing potential risks and ensuring that employees receive the necessary accommodations to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

    Streamline Healthcare Processes

    Our occupational health services streamline healthcare processes, making it easier for health and safety managers and floor managers to navigate complex medical procedures. From managing workers’ compensation claims to coordinating follow-up care, our team handles the administrative aspects, allowing managers to focus on their core responsibilities.

    Popular Health Services for Manufacturing

    • Audiometry

      Investing in a hearing testing program is a crucial step in preventing and managing occupational noise-induced hearing loss.

    • Workers' Comp Care Management

      Workers' compensation care management services refer to the coordination and monitoring of medical treatment and rehabilitation services for employees who have suffered a workplace injury or illness.

    • Heat Stress Management

      Proactive strategies and interventions to prevent heat-related illnesses and ensure worker safety in hot environments.

    • Injury Treatment & Management

      We work with healthcare providers and employers to create a plan that meets injured workers' needs and helps them recover quickly and safely.

    dust exposure

    The Impact of Dust Exposure on Your Respiratory System

    Dust is pervasive, lurking in workplaces and homes alike. Understanding the impact of dust on your respiratory system is vital. Whether it's silica, coal, or asbestos dust, these particles can damage your lungs. Occupations like construction and mining are at high risk, but home renovation and daily chores expose you too. Dust can sensitize your lungs, increase allergies, and even lead to cancer. Guard against it with protective gear and masks. Check your area's dust levels. Protect your respiratory system – safeguard your health from this pervasive, often unseen menace.

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    Mitigating Heat-Related Risks in Outdoor and Warehouse Settings

    As temperatures soar in outdoor and warehouse workplaces, the well-being of your employees becomes paramount. Learn how occupational health professionals are essential in safeguarding your workforce against heat-related illnesses. From risk assessment to training, they prioritize safety and productivity. Invest in your employees' well-being with Work Health Solutions to create a safer, more productive work environment. Prioritize occupational health to protect your workforce, increase job satisfaction, and reduce absenteeism. Partner with us to empower your employees and ensure their well-being in the face of heat-related challenges. Your trusted occupational health partner is here to help.

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    Contact a Representative

    Dr. Michael Tenison

    A series of notable accomplishments distinguish Dr. Michael Tenison’s career in medical operations and healthcare management:

    • Successfully led medical operations at a national healthcare provider, focusing on optimizing healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
    • Oversaw the regional medical practices in key markets like Oregon and Northern California, ensuring consistent, quality medical care and service delivery.
    • Demonstrated exceptional leadership in building and mentoring a large medical provider team, enhancing team performance and patient care standards.
    • Implemented strategic company policies and protocols, significantly improving center efficiency, clinical quality, and patient experiences.
    • Played a pivotal role in financial planning and identifying growth opportunities for healthcare services, contributing to the organization’s overall success.
    • Served as a primary point of contact for regional employer clients and insurance companies, fostering strong relationships and effective communication.
    • Maintained high medical care and case management standards through diligent supervision, chart audits, and performance metric analysis.

    Dr. Matt Feeley

    Dr. Matt Feeley is a renowned figure in military aviation medicine, with a robust background in occupational and environmental medicine from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

    • Former Naval Flight Surgeon, exemplifying his expertise in aerospace medicine and commitment to military health.
    • Served with distinction at NSA Bahrain and HSM-37, earning the COMPACFLT Flight Surgeon of the Year award for exceptional medical service.
    • Supported U.S. Marines VMFA-323 aboard the USS Nimitz, MACG-38, and VMU-3, demonstrating versatility and leadership in diverse medical environments.
    • Broad interests and significant contributions in global health, corporate medicine, and aerospace medicine, highlighting his multidisciplinary approach.
    • Proven track record as a dynamic leader, well-equipped to face the challenges in a fractional medical directorship role with innovative solutions.

    Dr. Glen Cheng

    A physician-attorney with a dedication to healthcare innovation, informatics, and digital health.

    • Currently spearheads employee health protection and promotion within the VA Pittsburgh Health Care System.
    • Trained in residency at Harvard, achieving board certification as a physician; also a licensed patent attorney with experience as FDA regulatory counsel.
    • Co-founded Acceleromics, a consulting firm providing clinical and regulatory guidance to digital health startups.

    Erin Davis

     Chief Clinical Officer at Work Health Solutions, certified in Adult-Gerontology (AGNP-C) and Athletic Training (ATC).

    • Oversees clinical operations and ensures high clinical standards across the company’s national field staff.
    • Former Manager of Clinic Operations and Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner at Stanford University Occupational Health Center (SUOHC).
    • Specialized in treating occupational injuries and illnesses, and provided medical surveillance and travel medicine consults at Stanford and SLAC National Accelerator Lab.
    • Dedicated to sports and occupational injury treatment and prevention.
    • Assistant Clinical Faculty at UCSF, mentoring students in clinical rotations within the Adult Gerontology and Occupational and Environmental Health Program.
    • Holds leadership roles as Treasurer and President Elect of the California El Camino Real Association of Occupational Health Nurses (CECRAOHN), affiliated with the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN).

    Dr. Robert Goldsmith

    Expert in benefits design and onsite innovation with specialization in the pharmaceutical industry.

    • Previous role as Executive Director for Employee Health at Novartis Services, Inc., leading health services and clinical support.
    • Instrumental in creating an integrated healthcare system at Novartis.
    • Former private practice in internal medicine in Stamford, Connecticut, and Medical Director consultant for GTE Corporation.
    • Transitioned to GE as a Global Medical Director in 2000.
    • Holds a medical degree from Albert Einstein College, an MPH from the University of Connecticut, and completed training at Greenwich Hospital and Yale-New Haven Medical Center.
    • Assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at the Vagelos School of Medicine, Columbia University.
    • Serves as a team physician for high school athletes in Stamford.
    • Published works on occupational health risks, primary prevention, and exercise-induced asthma.