Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre Employment assessments - WHS

Pre-employment physicals, wellness exams, and annual physicals help workers start off on the right foot and stay productive and happy.

When certain conditions are met, employers can require a pre-employment physical.

Employers may require a pre-employment physical after a contingent offer of employment  if the following conditions are met:

  • All other candidates are also required to undergo a physical examination.
  • All medical information is treated confidentially and kept separate from other employment records.
  • The results are not used to discriminate against persons during hiring.

Employers benefit from pre-employment assessments.

A pre-employment physical, is important because it gives both you and your employee confidence that they can perform a job to the best of their ability. 

Physicals are a great tool to measure an employee’s health. Studies have shown that pre-employment physicals can help you save money due to fewer accidents, injuries, and worker’s compensation claims.

Mobile-Med brings the clinic to your workplace. We send a team of medical professions to provide mobile-care for employers who do not have space for a dedicated clinic in their facility. 

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