A Complete Workplace Solution for OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standards

With the adoption of COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, businesses across the country are striving to develop a program to ensure ETS compliance quickly. Compliance requires verifying employee vaccination status and promptly standing up a testing program for unvaccinated and exempt employees. In collaboration with our client partners, Work Health Solutions has developed two comprehensive programs to ensure workplace health for your workforce: EEClear and the Safe Campus Program.

Introducing the EEClear System

The EEClear system provides a one-stop solution for employee health and workplace mandates. It is a multistep process to offer a comprehensive approach to COVID safety needs and regulatory compliance, all packaged in one powerful technology solution.

We offer an industry-exclusive electronic COVID vaccine verification process that leverages all 50-state public health vaccination registries. This process provides the only way of verifying vaccine status nationwide while utilizing clinically verified records.

  • Eliminates reliance on self-attestation and paper vaccine cards that can be manipulated or forged.
  • Employee exemption requests can be processed and tracked with ease.
  • Employees who require periodic COVID testing can also be scheduled and managed through this convenient solution.
  • Electronic daily health questionnaires.


The result is that your workplace has a clear, accurate list of employees in a status that makes them eligible to enter your facilities safely. You also get immediate reporting to demonstrate compliance with workplace health mandates.

We offer a flexible variety of testing formats, including fully staffed, onsite testing solutions, at-home or self-administered testing, and observed or proctored testing. We designed our programs to comply with the ETS standards and for fast implementation to ensure compliance!

The Safe Campus Program

WHS Safe Campus Graphic shows employees, contractors, visitors, suppliers and guestsCarefully managing your employee health and COVID response while ignoring other people who enter your workplace is not practical for COVID safety. The Safe Campus Program extends your safety protocols to all who enter your sites, and we can expand our EEClear system to any vendors or third parties.

The program includes onsite, rapid testing with immediate results for those who need to enter without a confirmed vaccination status. The program is versatile, affordable, and provides a comprehensive solution.

We tailor our occupational health solutions to meet your workplace needs. Sometimes, clients need a full scope EEClear System and Safe Campus Program to provide a comfortable working environment. Other times, we can offer a far narrower range of services, such as periodic at-home COVID testing. We can integrate your COVID response with other occupational health needs your sites may have in nearly all circumstances.

Find the Right Solution

We work with companies of all sizes, around the country and the world. Our professional team has experience responding to workplace health issues. We can collaborate with your staff and help develop a customized solution that will help ensure a healthy, productive work environment. Contact us today to find out more about EEClear and the Safe Campus Program! Reach out today with any questions you may have about how we can assist you!

Dean Frieders

Dean Frieders

Chief Solutions Officer

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