Occupational Medicine

In today’s health care environment, employers are poised to have the greatest impact on rising costs and workforce well-being. Whether your company is located in a metropolitan or rural area, access, affordability and quality pose the same challenges. Provider and caregiver shortages. Lack of local health care options. Hurried appointments. Long wait times. Rushed visits. More and more employers are opting to take greater control of the cost and quality of the health care provided to their employees. And the experience. Your employees deserve better. And there’s no better time than now to take control. We can help.


Built to provide patients with everything they’d find at their local care clinics, our on-site health stations can be tailored to fit the wellness care needs of your employees. Custom program design allows for optimal ROI and workforce health. Add this benefit onsite at your company, near-site in a neighboring building, shared with other companies or via telemedicine or a virtual health suite. We fit the center – and the staffing – to your specific needs.   

A Comprehensive Healthcare Solution