Occupational Health

What is occupational health?

Occupational health encompasses a range of healthcare disciplines committed to promoting the well-being and safety of employees in their work environments. With a strong emphasis on injury prevention and employee education, this field plays a vital role in ensuring a healthy workforce.

Occupational health services are comprehensive and include employee wellness initiatives, pre-placement testing, ergonomic assessments, occupational therapy, occupational medicine, and various other specialized interventions. By prioritizing the health and safety of workers, occupational health professionals contribute significantly to creating a conducive and thriving work environment for all.

Why Work Health Solutions?

Experience the difference with Work Health Solutions as your occupational health partner. We stand out with our agile and flexible approach, delivering comprehensive services that cater to your unique needs. We redefine occupational health by prioritizing your well-being and safety with innovative strategies and personalized solutions. Benefit from our commitment to excellence as we elevate occupational health standards, ensuring a healthier, more productive workforce in your workplace. 

For Your Customized Program and Pricing

Occupational health programs customized for your workplace


Custom programs and a choice of five different delivery methods.


Agility in responding to changes in health regulations and standards.


Over 115+ services and we will add new services upon request.

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Occupational Medicine

Get the diagnoses and treatment of injuries and illnesses that arise from work-related activities.

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Injury Treatment

Comprehensive care for workplace injuries, prioritizing swift recovery and optimal outcomes.

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Physical Exams

Pre-placement, return-to-work, and regulatory assessments for your workers' health and safety.

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Drug Screenings

Comprehensive drug screenings to ensure a safe and drug-free workplace environment.

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Comprehensive immunization services to protect and promote the health of your workforce.

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Medical Directorship

Flexible and expert fractional medical directorships to oversee your occupational health programs.

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Workers' Comp

Efficient workers' comp management for streamlined claims and employee well-being.

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Travel Medicine

Expert travel medicine services to ensure a healthy and safe journey for travelers.

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Health Programs

Tailored health and wellness programs promoting employee well-being and productivity.

Local, Convenient Medical Centers

Our health centers provide numerous advantages for employers and employees seeking occupational health services. With convenient locations close to the worksite or within company facilities, quick access to medical care, and personalized attention from a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, our services offer a seamless and efficient experience. 

Get occupational health where it's most convenient - at your facility.

Increase productivity and reduce absenteeism by investing in your employees’ health with an onsite health clinic, where they can receive timely and efficient medical care without the need for lengthy appointments or time off work.

Mobile Medical Services for Multiple Locations

Experience convenient and efficient healthcare with mobile occupational health services, providing on-site and remote medical care for employees, including physical exams, testing, and injury treatment, all while saving time and reducing travel expenses.

Don't miss out on the benefits of our all-in-one occupational health solution; contact us today to learn how our 115+ services, and flexible program implementation options can support your business.