Mobile Services

Fast, Convenient, and Affordable

Mobile occupational health services provide healthcare services outside traditional medical facilities, focusing on preventing and managing work-related illnesses and injuries. 

  • Services can be provided on-site or remotely, allowing employees to access necessary healthcare services without leaving work or incurring significant travel expenses.
  • Services provided include pre-employment physical exams, hearing and vision testing, drug and alcohol testing, hazard assessments, and injury/illness treatment.
  • Employers can utilize mobile occupational health services to identify potential hazards, provide preventive care, and comply with OSHA regulations and other health and safety standards. This can lead to reduced work time losses and workers’ compensation costs.

Why choose Work Health Solutions?

With a passion for reducing employer costs through proactive healthcare, Work Health Solutions offers a different perspective on occupational health. We build customized programs to fit your needs and work with you to find top talent and resources to manage those programs.

Building a customized program with us is simple.

  • Pick your service method

    You decide where you would like the services administered - we offer mobile services, on-site clinics, virtual services, and local health clinics.

  • Choose a program

    We'll work with you to select the program that meets most of your industry's requirements.

  • Customize services

    Customize your program to include only the services you need, helping you to reduce cost.

Our Most Popular Mobile Services

  • Ergonomic Assessments

    Companies offering ergonomic assessments can improve worker safety and productivity, reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Consultation and Infection Plans

    Infection plans safeguard workplaces from outbreaks by preventing and managing the spread of infectious diseases.

  • 1582 Firefighter Assessment

    Partner with us to ensure your firefighting team is ready to face any challenge that comes their way.

  • Asbestos Surveillance

    Asbestos surveillance detects and prevents asbestos-related hazards.

  • Audiometry

    Investing in a hearing testing program is a crucial step in preventing and managing occupational noise-induced hearing loss.

  • DOT Exams

    Ensure your employees meet DOT requirements with our comprehensive DOT exam services.

  • Drug Testing

    Ensure a safe and drug-free workplace with our comprehensive drug testing services.

  • Sports Physicals

    Sports physicals ensure safe participation in athletic activities.

  • Vaccination Clinics

    Protect against diseases with vaccination clinics.

  • Silica Surveillance Exams

    By offering silica surveillance exams, employers can take proactive steps to protect their workers and create a safer work environment.

  • Respiratory Clearance & Fit Testing

    Ensure workplace safety with our fit testing services, designed to determine proper respirator use and minimize respiratory hazards.

  • Travel Medicine

    Stay healthy on the go with our travel medicine services - tailored to meet the unique needs of each traveler and destination.

  • Vision Testing

    Our testing includes a range of assessments, including color vision, depth perception, and visual field testing, to ensure your employees are fit for work.

  • Pre-Employment Assessments

    Ensuring the health and safety of employees through regular occupational health assessments and programs not only benefits the workforce but also promotes a more productive and profitable workplace overall.

  • COVID-19 Services

    Protect your workplace from COVID-19 with our comprehensive COVID-19 services

  • TB Testing

    Prevent and detect tuberculosis with testing.

  • Execucare

    Get customized occupational health services for executives and employees at their location.

Don't miss out on the benefits of our all-in-one occupational health solution; contact us today to learn how our 115+ services, and flexible program implementation options can support your business.

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