DOT Exams

DOT exams are an important part of an occupational health program for the transportation industry. DOT exams can include a variety of tests, such as vision and hearing tests, physical strength testing, and agility testing. An exam may include screenings for specific conditions such as, diabetes or high blood pressure. DOT exams are important for ensuring that employees are able to safely perform their job duties. A DOT physical exam is valid for up to 24 months. 

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We Offer Certified DOT Physical Exams

A DOT physical must be completed by a medical examiner certified by the FMCSA. It is up to the medical examiner to determine if candidate meets all the requirements, and to mark the report to the best of their knowledge.

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What Does The Exam Consist of?

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Popular Medical Surveillance Programs

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Silica Surveillance Exams

As our economy continues to evolve, so too do the health concerns of workers in a variety of industries. One of the most significant recent developments has been the rise in silica-related illnesses, which can lead to serious respiratory problems and even death. To protect workers and ensure that they are able to perform their jobs safely, many employers are now offering occupational health services that include silica surveillance exams. These exams help to identify workers who may be at risk for silica exposure, and allow employers to take steps to protect them. In addition, these exams can also help to catch silica-related illnesses early, when they are most treatable.

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Travel Medicine

Workers in today's economy are increasingly mobile, with many holding jobs that require travel. As a result, occupational health services must be able to provide travel medicine services. This includes vaccinations, travel-related health assessments, and advice on staying healthy during travel. Travel medicine is a complex field, and workers need access to qualified medical professionals who can provide the latest information and recommendations. Occupational health services play an essential role in protecting the health of workers and ensuring that they can perform their jobs safely. By providing travel medicine services, these services help workers stay healthy and productive, no matter where their work takes them.

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Respiratory Clearance & Fit Testing

Occupational health services can help to protect workers from respiratory hazards. Respiratory clearance is a process of assessment and monitoring that helps to ensure that workers are able to safely perform their duties. Fit testing is used to determine whether or not a worker can safely wear a respirator. In addition, occupational health services can provide education and training on respiratory hazards and how to avoid them. As a result, these services can play an important role in protecting workers from respiratory hazards.

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