Job Board

Work Health Solutions is looking for extraordinary people to join our team.

Whether it’s onsite, at our clinic, or as a part of our mobile-med unit, our mission is providing employee health for employers of all sizes who want to provide their staff with quality care at the workplace. 

Since 2017 our staff has been providing quality occupational health services to its patients and employers alike. Work Health Solutions is dedicated to preserving a safe work environment and improving existing programs and care for local, regional and national organizations.

Our team is comprised of a group of some of the most experienced in the industry consisting of medical, legal, HR, operational, and EH&S experts. Each member has extensive experience working with academic and research institutions, corporate healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, Fortune 25 companies, large government entities, and local businesses. We are also familiar with the unique challenges of working in densely populated areas such as airport and transit facilities, and similar public attractions.

Our mission is to provide top tier service through the collective expertise of our network of vetted experts via customizable and economical solutions.