Health Surveillance

Health tests and screenings can lead to a safer, more productive work environment.  We provide rapid test results to help streamline an employer’s pre-hire and post-hire processes. 

Our Health Surveillance program includes mandatory testing and screening for various programs such as OSHA testing and DOT physicals.

Health surveillance promotes and maximizes safety, health, and productivity. Occupational health programs are designed to keep employees from becoming sick or injured on the job.

OSHA Mandated Exams

Our medical providers perform OSHA-regulated examinations and provide insight and feedback to employers on the any perceived risks or abnormal results.

DOT Physicals icon work health solutions

DOT Physicals

Keep your company compliant with state and federal regulations. DOT Physicals are mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for commercial (CMV) drivers.

Healthcare Worker Surveillance

Medical surveillance is more than staying OSHA compliant. Proactive health surveillance can also detect abnormal health trends among employees.

Lab Animal Occupational Health Program (LAOHP)

Laboratory animals can present risks to the health therefore anyone with contact or exposure to laboratory animals must enroll in LAOHP.

Our Unique Approach to Occupational Healthcare

Occupational health is often viewed as “fixing”.  An employee is injured, and we have an obligation to treat them, “fix” the injury and restore them to work.  At Work Health Solutions, we work with our clients to focus on efforts that are more impactful and cost-effective.  We look at proactive care, then use targeted interventions crafted to meet the needs of your workplace and your employees. 


Whether you need a clinician once a week or a team full-time, we have the on-site solution that’s perfect for your company. Get a dedicated medical staff that sees employees at your place of business.


Mobile-Med brings the clinic to your workplace. We send a team of medical professions to provide mobile occupational health services for employers who do not have space for a dedicated clinic in their facility. 


Get concierge-style occupational healthcare for your employees. Improve performance and morale, and receive better health and cost savings. Our Near-Site facility is conveniently located in Roseville, CA.

Why Choose Work Health Solutions

With a passion for reducing employer costs through proactive healthcare, Work Health Solutions offers a different perspective on occupational health. We build customized programs to fit your needs and work with you to find top talent and resources to manage those programs.

Speak with an Occupational Health Specialist

If you have questions about Work Health Solution’s occupational health services or if you need to purchase bulk medical supplies, such as COVID-19 testing kits, please contact us.