The WHS Healthy Worker Pyramid (Part 5) – Building a Solid Workplace Health Foundation: Education and Experience

We’ve talked about a number of ways to build a stable, effective occupational healthcare program.  Work Health Solutions goes beyond the basics, and offers a full scope of services designed to save you money.  We work to create more profitable and productive workplaces.  We work to create happier, healthier employees.

Leveraging Education to Save Money

Injury care, proactive care, data-based decisions and health screenings are all effective tools.  But what if you could address workplace health conditions before they even started?  Screening employees for various health conditions isn’t uncommon.  Screening programs, while highly effective, only work to detect conditions once they’ve started to occur.  Part of our occupational health focus is to enable employees to avoid health concerns from the start.  When we have onsite healthcare providers, we engage in proactive outreach.  We provide “lunch and learn” and similar educational programs at no additional cost.  Our goal is to increase your workers’ health literacy.  By doing so, we can help create healthier workers who make better decisions.  This can help prevent health conditions from ever occurring!

Leveraging Experience to Save Money

Our team has many years of occupational health and risk management experience across dozens of industries.  We have staff deployed around the world, working in a wide array of businesses.  We share this broad scope of experience with our clients.  Not only can we find trends in your workplace, we can share threats that we see emerging around the region, the nation and the world.  We will help you be prepared to respond to—or prevent—employee health threats before they show up in your workplace.  We’ll provide best practices to mitigate hazards.  We can also provide cutting-edge approaches to reduce your save you money.

More Profits, Happier Employees

We partner with our clients to build more profitable workplaces.  We work to increase employee productivity and health.  By making employees feel healthier, we produce a more engaged, happier workforce.  Employees that we treat ask for us by name, while receiving services that have a 260% or greater return on investment.

Contact us today, and find out more about how we can use our experience to save you money.

Dean Frieders

Dean Frieders

Chief Solutions Officer

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Work Health Solutions is dedicated to preserving a safe work environment and improving existing programs and care for local, regional and national organizations.

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