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Mobile-Med Work Health Solutions was founded in 2017 and serves three local tech companies with more than 10,000 employees each along with a number of state agencies and companies in agriculture, construction, and manufacturing.

Dr. Letitia Heshmat founded Mobile-Med Work Health Solutions after working as Stanford University’s director of occupational health and realizing other local employers had similar health needs that weren’t being met.

“With the pandemic, it was just kind of sink or swim. Employers were reaching out to us that were current clients that needed support,” Heshmat said. “Tech companies are wanting to include us on their reopening plans. Right now, they’re virtual workers, but we have contracts for 2021 whereas they’re reopening their office locations nationally and globally, they’re going to have our staff on-site as a part of that reopening process to help with vaccines, to help with questions, to take swabs and just to be able to create kind of an overall level of ease and support as people are returning to work.”

Dr. Letitia Heshmat, Mobile-Med Work Health Solutions

Currently,  Work Health Solutions is the only privately-owned provider on the state’s vaccine task force.

You can learn more about how health companies, like Work Health Solutions, are working with businesses to address COVID-19 and other health concerns by reading this article from the Silicon Valley Business Journal which features Dr. Heshmat and her team.

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Our team of professionals started in positions just like yours.  We were clients who needed better occupational healthcare services.  So, we look at every service from your perspective and then identify ways to add value to each service. Whether it’s testing, evaluation, or ongoing support, we have the resources for your occupational health needs. Contact Us and find out more about how we can make your occupational healthcare dollars work for you.

Work Health Solutions

Work Health Solutions

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Work Health Solutions is dedicated to preserving a safe work environment and improving existing programs and care for local, regional and national organizations.

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