The Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

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Blue light is a term that many have heard, but few fully understand. You’ve probably heard of the dangers of blue light, but don’t know what’s accurate and what isn’t. Furthermore, you’ve probably seen “blue light glasses” online or at the local store. 

The benefits of blue light glasses help improve your life by reducing the negative impact blue light can have on your body by filtering out blue light. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is a type of light that is found just about everywhere you go. Due to technology, it’s even more prominent today than it was in times past. While blue light is found in the sun’s rays, it is also emitted by fluorescent lights and screens from devices like laptops and smartphones.

Different colors of light have different effects on your body. For example, red light is made up of longer wavelengths and bears less energy. Blue light, on the other hand, is made up of shorter wavelengths and contains more energy. 

Depending on which lighting (and its corresponding energy) you are exposed to, your body will react in different ways.

How Does Blue Light Affect You?

Blue light travels into the eye and straight through the back of your retina. It’s possible that continued exposure to blue light can cause macular degeneration, or a disease of the eye. While this is rare, it is only one of many ways that blue light could affect you.

One of the most common ways that blue light affects you and your health is by interrupting your sleep patterns. Because blue light has such a high energy level, when you regularly expose yourself to it, you begin to absorb that energy. This makes it difficult to relax your body and go to sleep. 

Have you ever wondered why you went to bed so tired but were able to stay awake for several hours scrolling through social media on your phone? It’s because the constant exposure to blue light is essentially filling your body with energy, and delaying your body’s production of melatonin. 

The Benefits Of Blue Light Glasses

While blue light can affect you and your body in multiple ways, there are tools that can help curb the effects of blue light on your body. Blue light glasses block blue light from getting to your eye and entering your body through your retina. Therefore, they can negate the effects of blue light on your body, offering a healthier lifestyle without having to limit your screen time. Here are several different benefits of blue light glasses.

Improved Sleep

As previously mentioned, blue light interferes with a good sleep by filling your body with energy and delaying the production of melatonin in your body. Blue light glasses will allow you to spend your evenings however you choose, without having to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to sleep later.

Studies have shown that you should avoid exposure to blue light up to 2 hours before bed. But with blue light glasses, you can scroll through hundreds of memes right up until you’re ready to go to sleep.

Decreased Eye Strain

One of the negative impacts of blue light is the constant strain it puts on your eyes. If you work a desk job, you probably understand what it’s like to stare at a screen for hours and the eye fatigue that results.

Blue light glasses increase the contrast on your screen, allowing you to more clearly read. Reduced eye strain is a great way to protect your vision, limit fatigue, and stay productive at work or home.

Fewer Headaches

Have you ever had a migraine? If so, you understand the immense pain it can cause. The feeling of your brain and skull in Round 3 of a boxing match is something nobody looks forward to.

Unfortunately, studies have shown blue light is capable of triggering migraines and headaches. The more time you spend looking at a screen, or being exposed to blue light, the greater your chance of getting a migraine. 

Thankfully, blue light glasses can reduce the risk of headaches by filtering light, even from sources other than screens such as fluorescent lighting or the sun. This allows you to enjoy life unhindered by avoidable migraines. 

There are many benefits to blue light glasses. If you’re suffering from the negative impacts of blue light, consider purchasing a pair of blue light glasses to block and filter unnecessary issues from your life. Enjoy the freedom to live your life.

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