Safety and Savings through Ergonomics

Our Chief Clinical Officer, Erin Davis, delivered a comprehensive presentation at the AOHP National Conference 2023 entitled “Safety and Savings through Ergonomics.” Erin started her talk by highlighting alarming statistics that Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) account for nearly 30% of all workers’ compensation costs. These disorders, affecting muscles, bones, tendons, and other elements of the musculoskeletal system, are common across various sectors, notably in healthcare, retail trade, and manufacturing.

Erin delved into the personal and environmental risk factors contributing to MSDs, such as age, medical conditions, repetitive movements, and exposure to extreme temperatures. She emphasized the importance of an ergonomics program, including training, problem identification, early symptom reporting, and hazard control measures. Effective implementation can be gauged through different key performance indicators, such as incident reports and employee surveys, among other data points.

The presentation clarified that investing in ergonomic solutions isn’t just a matter of employee well-being and significant financial implications. With the average medical cost of a week-long injury at $1,409 and a single permanent disability case amounting to over a million dollars, Erin underlined that indirect costs, like lost productivity and legal damages, can be three times as high as the medical costs. She reinforced that ergonomics are crucial in building a positive workplace culture, reducing costs, and enhancing overall organizational safety.

If you would like more information on ergonomics or having Erin Davis as a speaker, contact Work Health Solutions.

View the presentation slides HERE

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