Pennsylvania Reinstates Mask Mandate to fight Omicron BA.2

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As of Monday, April 18, Philadelphia, PA, will become the first major US city to reimplement a COVID-19 indoor mask mandate citywide for all schools, businesses, restaurants, government buildings, and other indoor locations.  This move is in response to a more than 50% increase in COVID-19 positivity in the City.  It follows significant COVID-19 lockdowns occurring in China, where tens of millions of residents have faced business closures and lockdowns.  These infection outbreaks are believed to be tied to the new, highly transmissible Omicron BA.2 variant of the COVID-19 virus.

Work Health Solutions is a leader in the workplace COVID-19 response.

Having deployed tens of millions of COVID-19 tests around the country in workplaces of all sizes, Work Health Solutions has the experience and ability to provide COVID-19 support to any company or unit of government.  We have partnered with some of the largest government agencies and Fortune 500 companies to deliver exceptional results aimed at protecting and enhancing workplace safety.  With the high volume of testing that we conduct, we offer competitive pricing coupled with the assurance that your organization will receive testing supplies even in periods of high demand.  We have relationships with major manufacturers and distributors around the world to help ensure that our supplies remain available for clients, even during a surge.

Additional COVID-19 Outbreaks are Coming.

With our involvement in public health and large-scale, private corporation testing around the country, we have a unique ability to see trends in COVID-19 infectivity data.  Additional COVID-19 outbreaks are going to continue to occur, and they will continue to have an impact on workplaces and worker productivity.

Surveillance Testing Programs are a Cost-Effective Way to Protect the Workplace.

The cost associated with employee illnesses and loss of productivity accompanying a workplace COVID-19 outbreak are incredibly significant, not to mention the toll on employee health and well-being or workplace morale.  Leveraging modern COVID-19 testing solutions, Work Health Solutions can provide low-cost methodologies to reach the needs of any business of any size.  We can accommodate workers in the office, in the field, or working remotely, and we can deliver fast, accurate results.  We offer onsite testing with our talented clinicians, in addition to a variety of at-home or mobile testing options and reliable supplies of over-the-counter testing.

A Complete Occupational Health Perspective.

Work Health Solutions is an occupational health company, not a COVID-19 company.  With our uniquely qualified and trained occupational health staff, we can help your company identify the most effective means of keeping a healthy workplace, whether responding to COVID-19 or any other workplace hazard.  More than just COVID-19 testing, Work Health Solutions offers professional advice on every occupational health concern facing the modern workforce.  We can help you determine whether you should implement mask requirements, social distancing, or other similar programs.  We can also help you design and manage a thoughtful and safe return to work protocol for employees who face COVID exposures or infections.  COVID response is about more than just testing, and our team has the expertise to support your place of business.

Find the Right Solution

We work with companies of all sizes around the country and around the world.  Our professional team has an incredible base of experience responding to workplace health issues.  We can collaborate with your staff and help develop a customized solution, including medical surveillance, to help ensure a healthy, productive work environment.  Contact us today to find out more about our occupational health services!

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