Monitoring COVID-19 Symptoms Among Employees

Monitoring COVID-19 Symptoms Among Employees

COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that has affected individuals and businesses around the world. Monitoring COVID-19 symptoms among employees is a great way to proactively limit the risk within your company.

 The risk of exposure and infection has been a constant concern for many, and many business owners are concerned about how an outbreak could affect their companies. Here are some practical steps you can take to help monitor the risk of COVID within your company and keep everyone safe. 

Take Preventative Steps

It’s always better to prevent a disease than to manage one. Taking preventative measures against COVID-19 not only limits the risk of infection among employees but also helps ease the concern. Here are some ways to prevent the spread of COVID within your business. 


Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, germs are left everywhere, posing a possible threat to those who come in contact. Take regular time to sanitize surfaces and other high-touch areas. 

Social Distance

To help limit the spread of COVID and to have an easier time monitoring employees, set markers throughout the workplace to give employees a visual reminder of social distance. Notes on the floor, tape markers, or little orange cones are all great visual ways to help employees social distance and limit the spread.

Wear A Mask

Remind employees to wear a mask. You may not always know if someone is infected right away, and wearing a mask will help prevent the possible spread of germs. Provide masks for individuals who may not have one, and always keep extras on hand if one breaks. 

Monitor Employees

Unfortunately, even preventive measures aren’t always enough to prevent COVID-19. That is why it’s necessary for you, as a business owner, to monitor your employees and ensure that anyone who is sick and exposed is not a threat to anyone else. There are a few practical ways you can do this. 

Risk Of Exposure

Pay attention to who works with who. If your employees often work in teams, then it’s likely if one teammate contracts the virus, the other is exposed. Keep records of who works with who each day to determine who should self-isolate. 

Consider having employees sign a sheet marking who they worked around each day. And if someone tests positive for COVID, ask them to recall anyone with whom they may have come in close contact. This will allow you to not only alert the exposed employee but also reduce exposure among your other workers. 

Temperature Check

Another extremely effective way to monitor COVID-19 symptoms among employees is to have a temperature check station at the front door of your business. As employees arrive for their shift, have a qualified individual take their temperature. Immediately send home those with high temperatures and require testing before they can return.

You can also take this time to ask employees about any symptoms they might be showing. Employees may be unfamiliar with what symptoms could be a sign of COVID, and asking them whether they’re showing any symptoms could help identify infected individuals without knowing it. 

There are medical teams that provide this type of service to businesses. They set up on sight and help monitor each employee as they show up for work. They identify potentially infected employees without your having to sacrifice any of your own manpower. Consider reaching out to one of these services today. 

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