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Returning to work post-holiday season is always bittersweet. The new year is a fresh slate, and it’s nice to get back into a steady routine. However, the holidays are when people travel and are potentially exposed to germs and bacteria—because of this, returning to work can increase the chances of employees spreading illness. However, there are a few ways to help prevent sickness post-holiday season amid COVID and other season sicknesses. Here’s your return to work checklist to start the new year off right!

Encourage social distancing.

One of the best ways to reduce the spread of sickness among your workforce is to encourage social distancing. Staying a recommended six feet apart from each other can significantly reduce physical contact and the possible transmission of bacteria and disease.

To help encourage social distancing, meet with your employees and discuss the importance of protecting each other’s health through responsible and respectful actions. You can also set visual reminders to help reinforce this, including:

  • Spreading chairs and tables apart in the break room
  • Marking six-foot spaces on the floor when people may stand in a line, such as a timeclock
  • Separating work desks
  • Etc

These visual reminders may help employees remember to keep their distance and respect each other’s health when returning to work.

Sanitize regularly.

Even when your employees give each other space, they still contact shared surfaces such as doorknobs, countertops, office equipment, etc. Set a regular cleaning schedule to keep germs from spreading after everyone returns to work after the holidays.

Start by identifying the most commonly used areas, such as entrance doors, bathrooms, etc. Ensure these high-traffic areas are sanitized at least once daily, if not more. Then identify less frequently used rooms, such as printers or other work-related equipment, and have them sanitized regularly as well. This will help cut the number of potential transmissions between employees.

Pay attention to those who traveled.

The holiday season generally sees a lot of individuals traveling on vacation. Visiting family and friends is fun and a great way to spend the holidays. However, airports, hotel rooms, and taxi services are highly trafficked areas. This can result in individuals coming into contact with germs and diseases without realizing it.

What’s worse, people can remain asymptomatic and not realize they are contagious. To help prevent the disease from spreading in the workforce, pay close attention to those who return to work after traveling for the holidays. If they start to exhibit signs of illness, have them go to the doctor.

Despite your best efforts, personal health will always be impacted the most by each individual. No one should care for their health as much as they should. Helping them understand the value and importance of taking care of themselves is the best strategy to help prevent COVID and other infections as they return after the holidays.

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