COVID-19 Support

We offer a full-range of COVID-19 support services including mobile testing and customized monitoring programs.

COVID -19 Testing

We’ve partnered with the top-performing, most reliable national laboratories to provide convenient and fast testing results. Test for antibodies and get results in just 15 minutes.

Antibody Tests.
PCR Tests.
Rapid Antibody Tests.

Temperature Monitoring Programs

Start to finish professional consultation on best practices for setting up your companies customized monitoring program. We offer two thermographic scanning options to best meet your company’s needs.


Fully Managed.
Dedicated Management.
No Stress.

man taking another man's temperature

Best Practices.
Plug and Play.

Thermographic Cameras

As more businesses look to streamline and cut costs on mandatory temperature screening requirements, thermography scanning has emerged as the most efficient way to accomplish this. There is a sea of technology to navigate, leaving a mixed bag of reliability and accuracy, so we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Prices starting at $2500/unit.

Temperature Screening.
Fast and Efficient.

A Comprehensive Healthcare Solution