Safe Campus Program

Carefully managing your employee health and COVID response while ignoring the many other people who enter your workplace is not an effective solution to COVID safety. The Safe Campus Program ensures the safety of all persons entering your work facility or campus.

We make it easy for suppliers to comply with your safety procedures and physical security guidelines.

clinician taking a covid-19 sample

Affordable Pricing

Work Health Solutions can implement an onsite COVID-19 testing program for suppliers under similar terms and affordable pricing as your employees. The program is versatile, cost-effective and offers a comprehensive solution.

masks and covid-19 vaccination record card

Rapid Testing & Results

Employees who require weekly COVID testing can be scheduled and managed and we offer onsite, rapid testing with immediate results for those who need to enter without a confirmed vaccination status.

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Tracking with the EEClear System

The EEClear System is a multistep process aimed at providing a comprehensive approach to COVID safety needs and regulatory compliance, all packaged in one powerful technology solution. The end result is that your workplace has a clear, accurate list of employees (and suppliers) who can safely enter your facilities.

What does the Safe Campus Program look like?

Work Health Solutions partners with the top-performing, most reliable national laboratories to provide convenient and fast testing results.

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Fully-managed program with professional medical staff.
  • Follow-up recommendations and test interpretation instructions
WHS Safe Campus Graphic shows employees, contractors, visitors, suppliers and guests

Find the Right Solution

We tailor our solutions to meet your workplace needs. Sometimes, clients need a full scope EEClear and Safe Campus program to provide a comfortable working environment. Other times, we can offer a far narrower scope of services, such as periodic at-home COVID testing. In nearly all circumstances, we can integrate your COVID response with other occupational health needs that your sites may have.

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Speak with an Occupational Health Specialist

The COVID-19 Safe Campus Program managed by Work Health Solutions provides the opportunity for complete campus safety.