Elevating Safety and Wellness in the Construction Industry

Discover our tailored occupational health solutions designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of the construction sector. We offer flexible medical support options for construction sites, including onsite clinics, mobile medical services, and near-site clinics. Partner with us for immediate response to employee illnesses or work-related injuries, ensuring your construction site's health needs are promptly and effectively met.

Benefits of Our Construction Medical Programs

  • Enhanced Worker Safety

    With our on-site clinics and mobile medical solutions, we provide immediate access to medical attention for injuries and minor illnesses. Our specially trained medical staff is equipped to handle a wide range of situations, ensuring prompt and appropriate care. This not only enhances worker safety but also minimizes project delays and maintains productivity.

  • Comprehensive Employee Health Services

    We understand that employee well-being is essential for a productive construction site. That's why we offer a range of employee health services tailored to the construction industry. Our customized health programs promote worker well-being, address underlying medical conditions, and improve overall health and productivity. We prioritize the health and safety of your workforce.

  • Efficient Follow-Up Care and Case Management

    In the event of an injury that requires hospitalization or recuperation time, our healthcare team manages the care by working closely with off-site medical staff and the injured employee. We ensure that appropriate treatment is provided, and follow-up appointments are scheduled and attended. Our team handles first report injury forms, witness statements, and manages workers' compensation record-keeping for a streamlined process.

Building a customized program with us is simple.

  • Pick your service method

    You decide where you would like the services administered - we offer mobile services, on-site clinics, and local health clinics.

  • Choose a program

    We'll work with you to select the program that meets most of your industry's requirements.

  • Customize services

    Customize your program to include only the services you need, helping you to reduce cost.

On-Site Clinics and Mobile Medical Solutions

On-Site Services

Our on-site clinics bring medical expertise directly to your construction site. Equipped with essential medical equipment and staffed by experienced professionals, our clinics provide immediate treatment for injuries and minor illnesses. By addressing medical needs on-site, we minimize the need for external referrals, workers' compensation claims, and potential litigation. This keeps your Experienced Modification Rating (EMR) low and reduces costs.

Mobile Medical Services

In addition to our on-site clinics, we offer mobile medical services for construction projects that require flexibility and adaptability. Our mobile units are equipped to provide essential medical services such as drug and alcohol testing, functional capacity exams, hearing and basic vision testing, and pulmonary function testing. Our mobile solutions ensure that medical support is readily available wherever your construction site is located.

Range of Construction Medical Services

Safety Team Support

Prevent injuries, reduce costs, and create a culture of safety and health advocacy on construction sites.

  • Proactive Injury Prevention
  • Cost Reduction
  • Safety Culture Advocacy

  • Emergency Services - First Response

    Enhance worker safety and minimizes project delays, offering a safer, more productive work environment.

  • Immediate, On-site Medical Attention
  • Enhanced Worker Safety
  • Minimized Project Delays

  • Employee Health Services

    Health programs are a cornerstone of a healthy, productive construction site. We offer comprehensive health programs tailored to the unique needs of the construction industry. 

  • Customized Health Programs
  • Promotion of Worker Wellbeing
  • Safer, More Efficient Work Environment

  • Health and Safety Plan Administration

    With us, your safety plans are effectively managed, contributing to a safer, more efficient work environment.

  • Streamlined Safety Protocols
  • Compliance and Risk Reduction
  • Effective Safety Plan Management

  • Clients found that 95% of cases requiring symptom intervention did not result in recordable injuries

    Find out how Work Health Solutions was able to help a client achieve a 30% reduction in recordable injuries and a reduction in cases needing symptom intervention after one year by focusing on on-site, hands-on therapeutic care, wellness training and coaching, ergonomic working practices, and early injury interventions.

    Benefit of a Low EMR: Securing Construction Contracts

    Experience Modification Rate (EMR) plays a pivotal role in the evaluation of construction companies when it comes to bidding on contracts and maintaining successful partnerships. Contractors with a low EMR enjoy a competitive advantage in the construction industry. Government and private construction contracts often incorporate EMR as a key factor in the pre-qualification process. By showcasing a low EMR, contractors position themselves as reliable partners who prioritize safety and health on their job sites.

    Work Health Solutions understands the critical role that a low EMR plays in securing and maintaining contracts. Our on-site medical services and emphasis on safety and follow-up care contribute to a low EMR, benefiting both contractors and their workforce.

    Reducing Healthcare Costs and Worker Compensation Claims

    By implementing comprehensive on-site medical services, such as our on-site clinics and mobile medical solutions, Work Health Solutions helps construction companies save significantly on healthcare costs. Our skilled medical professionals provide immediate attention to injuries and minor illnesses, minimizing the need for off-site referrals and reducing medical expenses. With prompt and efficient on-site care, the reliance on workers’ compensation claims decreases, resulting in substantial cost savings for contractors.

    Mitigating the Potential for Litigation

    Prompt medical attention and efficient on-site care not only reduce healthcare costs but also minimize the potential for litigation. Studies have shown that injured employees are less likely to take legal action when they receive immediate medical treatment. By offering on-site medical services, Work Health Solutions ensures that employees receive timely and appropriate care, fostering a culture of safety and trust within the construction site. This not only reduces the likelihood of litigation but also promotes a positive work environment where employees feel valued and supported.

    Popular Construction Health Services

    • Audiometry

      Investing in a hearing testing program is a crucial step in preventing and managing occupational noise-induced hearing loss.

    • Drug Testing

      Ensure a safe and drug-free workplace with our comprehensive drug testing services.

    • DOT Exams

      Ensure your employees meet DOT requirements with our comprehensive DOT exam services.

    • Workers' Comp Care Management

      Workers' compensation care management services refer to the coordination and monitoring of medical treatment and rehabilitation services for employees who have suffered a workplace injury or illness.

    • Respiratory Clearance & Fit Testing

      Ensure workplace safety with our fit testing services, designed to determine proper respirator use and minimize respiratory hazards.

    • Silica Surveillance Exams

      By offering silica surveillance exams, employers can take proactive steps to protect their workers and create a safer work environment.

    • Injury Triage

      With onsite healthcare services, we can provide an immediate assessment to workers who need it.

    • Injury Treatment & Management

      We work with healthcare providers and employers to create a plan that meets injured workers' needs and helps them recover quickly and safely.

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