Are you complying with new California laws on COVID reporting?

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Last September, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed two pieces of COVID-19 related legislation. While both are important, perhaps the more critical immediate consideration for California employers is Assembly Bill 685, which is available for viewing at the California Legislative Information page, here.

AB685 requires employers to take immediate actions (within one day) to notify co-employees and contractors working on-site when the employer is notified of a COVID-19 infection by a “qualifying individual.” Compliance with the new state law may require actions such as determining the infected period for the person at issue, engaging in contact tracing to determine where the infected person was working, or even reviewing data provided to the employer to confirm whether the person is in fact infected (or meets the parameters of the law).

When a notification is triggered, employees (and employers) may have concerns over the spread of disease within the workplace. Mobile-Med is ready with on-site COVID-19 testing for employees, as well as innovative COVID-19 surface testing, to check communal surfaces within the workplace for the presence of potentially infectious viral matter.

This law has some imminent impacts on California employers, and we encourage our clients to contact us today to understand more about how they can adopt best practices to be prepared for their new obligations. Learn how our on-site services can enable you to be adaptive and proactive in addressing the new challenges of the workplace. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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